Root Canal Therapy

What is root canal therapy?

When the "pulp-dentin complex system" of the tooth is infected or necrotic due to tooth decay, severe wear or trauma, etc., the course of treatment will be performed to remove the infected pulp tissue and clean the canals. It is called root canal therapy. 

When do I need a root canal therapy? 

When a tooth is painful due to irreversible pulpal inflammation or necrosis, root canal therapy is necessary. It is commonly caused by severe tooth decay, trauma to tooth, severe tooth wear, advanced periodontal disease or etc. If the problem of nerve inflammation is not actively dealt with, it may cause pulp necrosis, corruption, suppuration and other peripheral tissue lesions, and even cellulitis.

Is it painful to have root canal therapy? 

This is the most common question is always the largest worry before having root canal therapy. It is also a big reason why people often delay their treatment. However, local anesthesia typically is be able to provide sufficient analgesia. On the other hand, postponing the root canal therapy may let the bacteria proliferate, resulting in the tooth pain worsening.

How long does root canal treatment take? 

The duration of root canal treatment will vary depending on the patient's condition. After all, the intention of root canal treatment is to "save the tooth." Normally it takes only one appointment to finish a root canal therapy. However, if the pulp is inflamed and the root canal system is more complicated, it may take multiple sessions to ensure the root canal is cleared.

We at Forum Dental Group use ProTaper Gold NiTi rotary file system of Dentsply Sirona USA to perform root canal therapy. It is one of the renowned endodontics rotary systems over the world. Developed with proprietary advanced metallurgy, ProTaper Gold rotary files deliver greater flexibility, yet with the trusted, predictable ProTaper performance. All of the above makes Forum Dental Group a reliable provider to help you with your root canal treatment!