Cutting-Edge Technology

Cone-beam Computed Tomography Systems (3D-CBCT)

3D-CBCT can be used to confirm the bone distribution, density, height, and width of the implant area, and even the position of the maxillary sinuses and mandibular nerve. It is as a standard of care completed before dental implantation, which can provide accurate diagnosis, comprehensive treatment plans, and safety during dental surgery.

Digital X rays

Our latest all digital radiography achieves high quality diagnostic imaging and reduces radiation exposure. The radiation from a full mouth X ray series for comprehensive dental exam would be equivalent to just taking a 4-hour airplane ride.

Intraoral Scanner

Our digital intraoral scanner replaces the traditional material impressions that patients usually feel uncomfortable. The digital scanner allows the design and production of dental protheses to be digitized. It not only improves patients’ comfort, but also increases efficiency, and reduces the deformation and error caused by the complicated technical steps of the traditional material impression method.

Diode Laser

The diode laser provides precise cutting which greatly reduces postoperative discomfort. Our low-level lasers promote wound healing with significant bactericidal effect. Diode laser is also widely used in soft tissue management, periodontal therapy, post operative desensitizing, and gum whitening.