All-on-X & All-on-Four Dental Implants in Mill Creek

We know how important it is to have a set of teeth you can rely on. At Forum Dental Group, our dedicated team of dentists provides a wide array of advanced implant-supported dental restorations. Our All-on-X services allow us to secure your dentures on as few as eight, six, or even four dental implants, providing stability and versatility matched to your needs and oral condition.

Whether you already have dentures or are getting them for the first time, our team is ready to provide skilled services that look at a wide variety of aspects of your oral health. The implant dentures we provide at our practice are tailored to your needs from a health and function standpoint, as well as an aesthetic one. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you have a smile you love when you leave our practice. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and get the Mill Creek All-on-X dental restorations you need.


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are what your denture uses as an anchor to remain firmly in place. While traditional dentures use suction to stay in place, our All-on-Four or All-on-X dentures take advantage of small implant posts surgically embedded in your jawbone. The materials used for dental implant posts are specially designed to allow the bone around the implant site to fuse with the post. This process, known as osseointegration, creates a durable bond that makes dental implants a permanent addition to your smile.

Your denture, sometimes called the dental restoration, will be placed on top of both your implant post and a small abutment that serves as the buffer between your gum line and the prosthetic. These three pieces all combine to provide a replacement for your whole smile that looks and feels natural.

Benefits of All-on-Four or All-on-X Dental Implants

Our dental team is passionate about providing a solution tailored to your unique dental structure. The All-on-X method involves placing a full arch of teeth on a select number of dental implants, typically four or more. We work hard to balance the stability and longevity of your denture with different factors, such as your current oral health and how well you heal from surgical procedures.

Some benefits include:

  • Stability: All-on-X implants are anchored firmly to your jawbone, offering excellent stability and resulting in a confident bite that feels natural.
  • Aesthetics & Facial Appearance: Whether All-on-Four or All-on-X, our implant dentures will work to actively improve your smile and facial aesthetics. These dental restorations can even reduce the sunken look that can be common for those needing dentures.
  • Treatment Customization: We want to give you the right denture for a lifetime of healthy smiles, meaning your ideal denture may require six or more dental implants rather than four. We back up any decision to increase the number of implants with extensive diagnostic testing and experience providing successful All-on-X services.

Personalized Mill Creek Dental Restoration Procedures

Forum Dental Group's approach to the All-on-X procedure reflects our many years of clinical experience and commitment to providing custom treatments. We'll always take our time and talk you through the process so you can feel confident and comfortable with the decisions you'll make about your oral health. While everyone's dental implant procedure may differ somewhat, a general dental implant process will look something like this:

  • Evaluation and Planning: We start with a comprehensive oral health assessment. Our dentists will perform a visual examination, and we will assess the health of your jawbone, using high-tech diagnostic tools like CBCT and intraoral scanners as needed. This step will help us determine whether you need four, six, or eight implant posts.
  • Preparation and Planning: Our preparation involves digital planning to position implants optimally. We can perform bone grafts and sinus lifts to enhance the procedure's success if needed.
  • Implant Placement and Restoration: Leveraging computer-assisted surgery for precision allows us to work efficiently while maximizing your comfort with options like nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. We aim to provide immediate improvements in oral function and aesthetics.

Am I a Good Candidate for All-on-X?

Our evaluation process is thorough, and we'll talk to you about the right options. Whether you are transitioning to dentures for the first time or looking to upgrade, our team will guide you through the process. Some issues we look for when considering if All-on-Four or All-on-X is right for you include:

  • Good overall health
  • Ability to recover from surgical procedures
  • Oral health in good general condition
  • The health of your jawbone
  • Whether you can undergo anesthesia
  • The presence of advanced gum disease

If we determine that you are not fit for All-on-X at this time, our team will talk to you about ways we can help improve your oral health to get the smile you want. For instance, we provide bone grafts and sinus lifts, which can be instrumental in improving the condition of your jawbone, allowing us to place implant dentures once healed.

All-on-X Dental Restorations in Mill Creek

At Forum Dental Group, our skilled team is passionate about providing dental restorations that make you want to smile again. We blend our extensive experience providing custom All-on-X dentures with state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptional results. Our team looks forward to meeting you and learning how we can help. Contact us today and learn whether All-on-Four dental implants or any other All-on-X offerings are right for you!