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Dr. Ho and his staff are very friendly and gentle. As some who is anxious at the dentist, it is really important to be to k is what to expect. He and he staff are great at explaining everything step by step to put me at ease. Highly recommend

Christina Engstrom

Going to the dentist used to be something I was very afraid of, but the experience here has made me feel very at ease. Dr. Ho's kindness and professionalism have given me a different feeling. I genuinely recommend it to everyone who is afraid of seeing the dentist. Teeth are important, so please feel assured entrusting them to Forum Dental Group!


I love doctor Ho. I can always get in quickly when I need something and the work he does is of high quality. Today I was a half hour early for my appointment and I left 10 minutes before I was supposed to have started my appointment. The front office staff is friendly, and the assistants are also very nice. I’m glad to call Dr. Howe my dentist.

Colm Boer

Dr Ho is a highly skilled dentist who genuinely cares for his patients. He is kind and is clear in explaining things to patients. He is also very gentle when performing oral procedures which made dentals much less daunting for me. Also, rather than upselling services that are not necessary, Dr Ho tends to only recommend procedures that are medically necessary for a patient which is great. The staff in the dental office are also very friendly. Highly recommend and truly appreciate the medical care by Dr Ho

Stephanie Seit

Wow Incredible. Just the best experience I’ve ever had at the dentist! I am very fearful of drills because of negative past experiences with (not) numbing completely. Dr. Ho and his staff made sure I was OK and comfortable from my first step inside. The Novocaine shot(s) were Completely painless (how’d he do That?) as was everything. He worked quickly and explained each step to me. And Nitrous is available for white knucklers like me.
Seriously, go Here. You won’t regret it!

Kat Spitz

My first good experience at a dentist, very generous and actually care. Dr. Ho, Maryam and Alyssa were very friendly and they all do great at their jobs!

Vahlia Spang

I have visited the dental clinic for various services like gum swelling, cavities and i have received great and personalized care from the doctor and the staff. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for perfect care with friendly and caring staff.

m a

Dr. Ho and his team are wonderful. The dental hygienist is thorough and informative and the office staff is friendly. I recommend using Forum Dental Group for your family.

Kylee Spicer