3D Guided Implant Surgery

With CBCT and 3D digital intraoral scanning, we know more about the skeletal anatomy and distribution of nerves of your mouth. We can accurately plan the position and depth of dental implants and simulate the direction and position of dental implants. The simulation data then will be used to fabricate a customized 3D surgical guide that will help us to perform the surgical implantation.

There are three advantages of 3D Guided Implant Surgery

  • Accurate: Computed tomography scan synthesizes 3D intraoral images that can accurately simulates the angle and position of dental implant. 
  • Safe: The range of surgery area can be reduced. Post operation wound will be smaller with less bleeding, pain and swelling. Most importantly, it can significantly reduce the risk of nerve damage or sinus perforation.
  • Efficient: The surgery time can be shortened. The number of visits may also be reduced.

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