Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

These days, Teeth whitening is what most people desire and aspire to acquire and it is like a craze across the world.  Teeth enamel discolors due to tea, coffee, red wine, smoking, etc. Teeth whitening is a procedure, which is useful in lightening discoloration, accumulated on the tooth surface over a period of time. Although some whitening procedures claim they can whiten one’s teeth by up to nine shades, this is highly unlikely. A change of 2-3 shades makes a significant difference in anyone’s smile.

Are Teeth Whitening process safe? -All studies have shown that teeth whitening is a safe process when done under the supervision of an expert. It is a myth that a bleaching gel destroys the teeth.

  • Bleaching -Bleaching is the most common procedure of teeth whitening. It whitens teeth that are discolored due to injury or drinking habits. Even a tooth, with root canal treated tooth can receive bleaching treatment. The bleaching system used at Forum Dental Group for whiter teeth, involves the use of trays in which the bleaching solution is placed.   We prefer this option as opposed to the in-office system as this give control to the patient in determining how light to brighten the teeth and allows for them to “touch-up” whenever they wish.

Side Effects of Teeth whitening During the process of teeth whitening by bleaching, some people may experience sensitivity to cold items. This is temporary and vanishes soon after the treatment is finished. There are no long term harmful effects to bleaching.

How long the results of teeth whitening last Whitening of teeth is not a permanent procedure. Results can last for one to more years, depending upon your personal habits.  We recommend a half an hour at home, “touch-up” session every 6-12 months.

If you feel you are a candidate for teeth whitening, give us a call at Forum Dental Group (425) 357-1818.

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