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Sports Dentistry is the prevention and treatment of facial/oral injuries and related oral diseases in sportspersons. According to the “International Academy for sports Dentistry”-‘Sports Dentistry’ is the branch of dentistry that involves prevention of oral sports injuries and treatment of Dental athletic injuries. It also involves the collection and dissemination of information on dental athletic injuries and encourages research in the prevention of such injuries.

Mouth guards can come in a variety of colorsMouth guards come in a variety of colors

Sports dentistry at Forum Dental Group

Enthusiastic participation by the young ones in sports exposes them to high risk of injuries. Sports dentistry provides information related to dental/ facial trauma or when a tooth is knocked out or about athletic mouth guard types and designs.

Athletic Mouth Guard: A mouth guard is like a crash helmet for teeth, which helps in protecting the teeth from damage in any physical sports. A mouth guard ( gum shield) is made specially to fit the athlete’s mouth. An incorrectly fitting mouth guard is hard to hold in place, inefficient and interferes with speech and proper breathing. So mouth guards should not be worn without the being custom made for the individual.

Kinds of sports injuries that a mouth guard prevents. A mouth guard can prevent very serious injuries of jaw fracture, cerebral hemorrhages and concussions. It helps to avoid the situation where the lower jaw gets jammed into upper jaw.

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